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Moyers_La morte et Le Printemps.jpg


My work explores the subjects of stardom, vanity, and excess within society with an emphasis on woman and the feminine. I am interested in western culture’s obsession with beauty in both film and classic painting that have created idealized versions of reality. The stylized and romanticized are indispensable elements in my work and correspond to the methodic use of color that expresses human emotions through their psychological representations. 

I spent my formative art years traveling in Europe and studying in France where I got my degree. As an American, I was immersed in French culture while remaining somewhat idealistic and naive; inspiring much of the poetry and romanticism of my work. When studying art history I was always fascinated with the female figure and how it was portrayed through masculine interpretation. The male as the artist and the female as the specimen inspires the voyeurism in my work and is in direct connection to my own feelings of being observed and watched. 

Much of my inspiration comes from navigating the world as an artist with the knowledge of my womanhood. The artistic translation then being a world in which the feminine and the womanly seem to be enveloping their masculine counterpart. Essentially, I am the women in my paintings and I experience their emotions in a dreamlike environment where my feelings are acceptable. I am always making a voyage in connection to my characters and I am in a way expressing what is inside of me, what is hidden and what is forbidden, and what I would never be able to touch in reality.

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